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  • The first auditions for The School of Rock were not only energetic and harmonious but students championed each other in the Seven Kings way. Keeeeep rocking!#friendship 09:07 PM - 9th September, 2019
  • As a World Class school we attempted to beat some world class records during our Inset day including eating as many smarties in a minute, questions from our learning and teaching policy. Who would have thought we have 3 members of staff who hold a world record. A world record? Read more 09:17 PM - 4th September, 2019
  • Huge thank you to Laughology for reminding us all of the importance of laughter in all our lives especially when tired or stressed#friendship 09:08 PM - 4th September, 2019
  • Year 12 created a buzz of excitement in the school today as they tackled the challenges of induction day on the front field#friendshipexcellenceopportunity 09:07 PM - 4th September, 2019
  • Joyous day meeting our lovely aspirational year 7 students. Well done parents/carers for being so brave! 09:02 PM - 4th September, 2019
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