A Level Physical Education

Name of course


Physical Education




Course Entry Requirements


At least a Grade 6 in combined science

Grade 6 or above in GCSE PE if taken

Grade 6 or above in Biology or Combined Science

Performance in a sport from the activity list outside of school



Why PE?



Studying A level PE will help you:

  • Understand why some people outperform others, mentally and physically.
  • Understand how Physical Education contributes to society, delving into ethical considerations behind the use of drugs.
  • Understand the influence that modern technology is having on sport.

Course Content


Unit 1 Physiological Factors Affecting Performance (30%)

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics

Unit 2 Psychological Factors Affecting Performance (20%)

  • Skill Acquisition
  • Sports Psychology

Unit 3 Socio-Cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport (20%)

  • Sport and Society
  • Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity and Sport


Unit 4 Performance in Physical Education (30%)

  • Performance or Coaching
  •  Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement

Where could this course lead to?


The subject of A Level PE is an excellent base for a university degree in sports science, sports management, healthcare, or exercise and health. It also consists of a broad range of topics and therefore, can complement further study in biology, physics, psychology, nutrition, sociology and many more.

It is a subject that can lead onto many career options including: sports development, coaching, physiotherapy, personal training and professional studies (teaching).


Suggested Reading and resources



  • PE for A level Year 1/PE for A level Year 2, John Honeybourne & Sarah Powell, Hodder
  • Pocket Atlas of the Moving Body, Mel Cash
  • How Bad Do You Want It? , Matt Fitzgerald
  • Bounce, Matthew Syed
  • Soccernomics, Simon Kuper & Stefan Szymanski
  • The Sports Gene, David Epstein
  • No Limits The Will to Succeed, Michael Phelps
  • The Greatest, Matthew Syed



British Journal for Sports Medicine

Journal of Sports Sciences

Journal of Sport & Social Issues

All sports magazines will offer a view on performing, coaching, science, current issues or history of sport(s).


National newspapers. The sports pages report global events and the biggest issues









Active involvement in a sports club or team


Go to live sports fixtures and events