A legacy of outstanding standards

Let’s compare like for like… 

Seven Kings School has been at the top of its game for 18 years with a legacy of educating young people from the East End of London. 

Seven Kings is a community secondary school. Every year we combine 50% of our own learners bringing their love of learning, students who have learnt how to be learners, with 50% of the best brains across East London. Our new Kings (external) bring with them passion, curiosity and tenacity; the combination is exciting and aspiring. Whilst we offer traditional A Levels, we also offer the greatest breadth of subjects of those who compete with us including artists, musicians, geographers, mathematicians, scientists and linguists. 

Our state of the art facilities include our university style laboratory, the first to be fitted in a school in the country, alongside our bespoke 6th form buildings, illustrating the value we place on the student leaders of our school who will shape the future of this country. 

As an inclusive school, we are committed to having a lower entry criteria to serve our young people. We passionately believe that there is no ceiling to achievement as demonstrated in our 11 offers to Oxbridge universities of which 7 are currently freshers in their first year at Oxbridge; 3 of our students will go on to study in America. On average, half of our students who apply for university go to Russell Group universities. Young people choose Seven Kings because they see the relationships between staff and students, relationships rooted in our motto of Friendship Excellence Opportunity. 

We are proud of the number of head teachers and teachers who have gone on to serve the young people of East London, teachers who started their careers at Seven Kings. Our Teaching School has a national reputation not only for our leadership but also for our classroom practice in inspiring and nurturing teachers top go on and inspire further generation. 

So now, let’s talk numbers...

Many of our competitors require an average point score of 52 points on entry. Our students who have the same point score on entry achieved: 

  Seven Kings School Top competitors in local area 
Average Points Score Per Student 259 254.6 
Average Points Score per Subject 935 919 

We welcome your interest in looking around our outstanding school.

You can apply to our 6th form here 

An inspiring place to teach; an inspiring place to learn

Friendship Excellence Opportunity