Sports Premium

Sports Premium 2016/2017        






Specialist secondary school teachers working with primary staff.


To improve the quality of teaching and learning in P.E.

Outcomes and impact will be evaluated on an on-going basis and reported annually

Planning, peer observations and teaching and learning outcomes

CPD for primary staff. Providing cover for staff to attend professional development training.


Good and outstanding delivery of PE teaching. Improved outcomes for pupils.

Primary staff more confident in the teaching of PE leading to better outcomes for pupils.

Planning, peer observations and teaching and learning outcomes

Providing lunch time and after school sports clubs for pupils.


Provide pupils with broader and enriched experiences in sport.

Increased numbers of pupils participating in sports clubs.

School club data.

Review quality of the curriculum. Breadth and balance. Accessibility of all the activities – buying resources and new equipment.


A more inclusive curriculum which inspires and engages all pupils.

Increased participation in sports.



With regards to sustainability, the investment in our playground and sports equipment will ensure that all future pupils will have the same opportunities as our current cohort receive now. By up-skilling our staff, we are investing in our teachers and learning support assistants, leading to an increase in the quality of the delivery of our PE curriculum for years to come. Additional non-paying sports clubs ensures that all pupils have access to enrichment sports activities.

Total money received


Total expenditure

£18,600  The school has budgeted for the over-spend as part of our commitment to sport.