Sports Premium

Sports Premium Impact 2017 – 2018



Further development

Secondary specialist teachers working alongside  primary staff to support the quality of PE provision in the primary school

Primary staff are more confident in delivering a wide range of physical educational activities. This has led to improved lunchtimes with fewer accidents. Pupils more ready for learning in the afternoon leading to improved outcomes.

Develop and support new primary staff to the school as the school grows so that PE provision is consistent.

CPD for primary staff.


Teachers took part in PE activities such as Tag Rugby and have a better understanding of a challenging PE curriculum and progression. This has led to improved outcomes for pupils in terms of their physical development and will support transition to year 7 in the future.

CPD on the dance curriculum.

Providing lunch time and after school sports clubs for pupils.

Greater participation in sports activities beyond the school curriculum.

Number of children taking part in at least one extra-curricular sports club:

Year 1: 124 (some children in more than one club)

Year 2: 120 (some children in more than one club)


Increase number and variety of sports clubs to include KS1 and lower KS2.

Clubs to be provided: multi-sports, gymnastics, dance, karate, football

Review quality of the curriculum. Breadth and balance. Accessibility of all the activities – buying resources and new equipment.

Increased resources in the playground has led to more purposeful playtimes and lunchtimes. Children have the opportunity to apply and build on skills taught through the main PE curriculum. Children are more confident. This has led to improved outcomes across the curriculum. Children are more ready for learning in the afternoon.

The Head of PE works closely with the primary teachers reflecting on the PE provision and ensuring that it is inclusive, broad and shows clear progression of skills. This is updated every year ensuring that the PE provision is outstanding.

Continue to review the curriculum as the school grows.