Sports Premium

Sports Premium Impact 2018 – 2019



Further development

Secondary specialist teachers leading PE lessons with primary staff working closely alongside to support the quality of PE provision in the primary school

Students receive high quality PE teaching with primary staff improving their own knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering a wide range of PE activities. This has lead to improved outcomes for students.

Develop and support new primary staff to the school as the school grows so that PE provision is consistent. 

CPD for primary staff

Teachers have taken part in PE sessions which has increased their knowledge and confidence to deliver high quality PE in all Key Stages. This has led to improved outcomes for students.

CPD on Key Stage 2 PE and specific sports to improve consistency and develop confidence further.

Dance resources

Dance resources have been sourced and shared with all primary staff with links made between the themes of the dance units and topics being covered in  each year. This has increased dance delivery across key stage 1 and increased confidence of teachers delivering.

Review of best units with phase leaders.

Providing lunch time and after school sports clubs for pupils.

Greater participation in sports activities beyond the school curriculum. 

Number of children taking part in at least one extra-curricular sports club:

Year 1: 121  (some children in more than one club)

Year 2: 124 (some children in more than one club)

Year 3: 120  (some children in more than one club)

Increase the number and variety of sports clubs to include KS1 and lower KS2. 


Explore before school sports club provision

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered 


Sports and PE equipment has been increased to allow greater range of activities in KS2 and  for stretch and challenge within lessons e.g. additional and more challenging apparatus as well as increased provision of clubs at lunchtimes and equipment used at playtimes. This allows students to build on the skills and techniques learnt within PE lessons. Students are more confident and ready to learn in the afternoon.

Sports equipment needs as we progress further into KS2 to prepare students for KS3. 


Swimming provision and planning for KS2. 

Review of the curriculum

The Learning Leader for PE works closely with all primary staff and PE teachers reflecting on the PE provision ensuring that it is inclusive, broad and fit for purpose for our students. This ensures that PE provision is outstanding. There is clear progression in skills and the links are starting to be made and planned for to make the transition from KS2 to KS3 seamless. 

Continued reflection on curriculum as school grows.. LL for PE to visit other schools to look at year 5&6 PE provision.