September Entry 2017 / Class of 2019

Dear Year 11, Future SKS Scholars,

We hope that your GCSE Exams are going as well as you hoped they would. We know that this period of time can be stressful; rest assured that all your hard work and preparation will lead to success. We are writing to remind you of the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for all successful applicants to our sixth form.

At SK6F everything we do is underpinned by our motto ‘Friendship Excellence Opportunity’.  In Year 12 & 13 we relentlessly pursue our goal of preparing you to become a scholar at the University of your dreams, in the subject you aspire to read. With a legacy of excellence, and ranked the top 15th performing state school in the UK, we know that the two key drivers for becoming a superb scholar are independence and passion. What you do outside the classroom is as important as in the classroom. Universities seek not only the most able academics but also the most passionate scholars.

At SK6F we pride ourselves on supporting students with this transition and providing an array of opportunities inside and outside of our school community. In this three part series we will share what has gone on inside and outside SK6F to support our students to become great scholars. We won’t have space to list all the exciting enrichment, however, we hope you enjoy the first instalment of activities we’ve hosted at SK6F this year and we look forward to seeing you at our Taster Days [Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th July] to find out more.

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Dear Year 11, Future SK6F Scholars,

We hope that you found time, during half term revision, to recharge your batteries and are feeling confident with the GCSE examinations that you’ve completed so far. Some of you will have exciting activities planned for once that finalexam is finished. We thought you might like to know what our Year 12 have been up to recently outside the classroom at SK6F.

At SK6F we believe in ‘lighting fires’ to stoke your passion for learning. While we are proud of what we can offer @SK6F, we are also looking at ways to get into the big wide world to see some of the amazing experiences that London, The UK & The World have to offer. Here are a selection of the activities Year 12 have enjoyed away from Seven Kings this year.

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