A Level Further Maths

Please note: students in Year 12 (September 2017) will be following the new specification as outlined below and Year 13 (September 2017) will be following the legacy course outlined underneath

Alevel Further Maths - Edexcel

Why study Further Mathematics?

Mathematics and Further Mathematics are versatile qualifications, well-respected by employers and are both “facilitating” subjects* for entry to higher education.

A level Further Mathematics is fun and rewarding. It broadens your mathematical skills and promotes deeper mathematical thinking. You will be introduced to interesting new areas of pure mathematics such as complex numbers and apply mathematics in a wider range of contexts.

To take Further Mathematics A level , students must have at least grade 8 at GCSE.

The Course

Core Pure Mathematics 1 and 2:  Proof, Complex numbers; Matrices; Further Algebra and Functions; Further calculus;  Further vectors;  Polar coordinates; Hyperbolic functions; Differential equations

Further Mechanics 1:  Momentum and Impulse; Work, Energy and Power; Elastic springs and strings and elastic energy;   Elastic collisions in one dimension and two dimensions.

Decision Mathematics1:  Algorithms and graph theory; Algorithms on graphs; Critical path analysis; Linear programming


Each paper is 75 marks and all four  exams will be sat in the summer of 2019.  All papers carry equal weighting.

Paper 1: Core  Pure Mathematics 1 – 1hr 30mins 

Paper 2- Core Pure Mathematics 2  -  1hr 30mins

Paper 3-  Further  Mechanics 1- 1hr 30mins

Paper 4-  Decision  Mathematics- 1hr 30mins

Where it leads

Further Mathematics at Advanced Level is challenging but it is an enjoyable and rewarding subject.

Further Mathematics introduces new topics such as matrices and complex numbers that are vital in many STEM degrees. Students who have studied Further Mathematics find the transition to such degrees far more straightforward.  If you are planning to take a degree such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics, etc., or perhaps Mathematics itself, you will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics.

Please note: The following course is for current yr13 only(September 2017)

A2 Further Mathematics (9372)

In Year 13, for the full A-level students take a further 3 modules. Further Maths2(FP2), Further Maths3(FP3), Statistics2(S2) or Mechanics2(M2)

FP2- Complex numbers, Differential equations, Series, Polar coordinates.

FP3- Vectors, Matrices, Integration, Differentiation


Each module is assessed by a written examination lasting 1hr and 30mins. All modules carry equal weighting.

Yr13- All modules will be assessed in Summer 2018

Where it leads

Mathematics supports the learning in many other subjects, such as Sciences, Economics, Geography and Phycology.

There are many opportunities for further study which could lead to higher education and a range of careers including accountancy, banking, chemistry, physics, Actuarial Science, medicine, computing, engineering and teaching.