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“Building a culture where professional learning is at the heart is shown to be highly effective. Colleagues within schools or groups of schools where professional learning is embedded and is responsive are likely to flourish thereby enabling students to thrive.”                                                            

Welcome to the Cradle to Grave Professional Learning Programmes for 2018-19. The programmes are built on and reflect the Alliance’s Vision and Protocols:

‘The schools and institutions which have come together to form the Seven Kings Teaching School Alliance have high aspirations and shared values who believe that collectively, learning together, we are stronger. As an alliance of learning communities we trust in each other to challenge and support each other; we are relentless in our pursuit to ensure outstanding outcomes for all our children and to nurture a culture of a love of learning.  As an alliance we commit to leading innovative networks, building capacity through a belief that all teachers are leaders and can improve and succeed so that all of our children and the wider community we serve have access to the very best education and outcomes. The learning and teaching within the alliance will be informed by our best practice honed by the latest educational research and founded on evidence-informed principles.’

The Cradle to Grave programmes develop the professional learning of teachers and leaders at all levels of their career. The programmes are led by a range of outstanding practitioners and leaders from across our Alliance and all have our coaching ethos at the heart.

We look forward to working with you.

Jane Waters, Head of Secondary Seven Kings School/Director of Seven Kings Teaching School Alliance

Nicole Ranson, Director of Seven Kings Teaching School


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