Year 11 GCSE Information

Dear All

I am writing to you as I can only imagine how stressful you will be finding this period whilst watching the news regarding the A Level results. Firstly, given the anger and frustration felt across the country we know that the government are today considering the impact of their decisions on your results and we will see what happens as a result of the pressure being put on them in the next 24 hours.

Secondly, everyone is in the same position as you across the country.  The difference between you and Year 13 is we have given in our grades and we know these grades and thus unlike universities we will honour our own grades as we know these are fair and just.  We would also hope given our reputation that other sixth forms would see fit to do this.

Lastly, remember my last assembly to you was to only worry when you have something to truly worry about and even then know with the support of your family and school we will guide you to your next step.  You are never alone in this.

There is a lot of advice out there to support you when feeling stressed, use it!  Mr Taylor’s e mails each week signpost what to do and where to get support.  I have attached this week’s e mail again.  If you are finding it too much please get in touch, we are still here!

Please see below the fourth in the series of six videos produced by REWT on Emotional Resilience:  

As we look ahead to the release of GCSE results on Thursday, we reflect on the A-Level results published yesterday and recognise the achievements of our young people. We are mindful that some of our talented, hardworking and inspirational students have not received the grades they and us were hoping for. However, they have shown incredible resilience in the face of this and are a credit to Seven Kings, themselves and to their families and we wish all our Year 13s well with the next chapter of their lives. 

A Greek philosopher Epictetus once stated "It's not what happens to you, but the way you react to it that matters." With this in mind, whether your results yesterday or next week are not what you expected, or that you have not had a positive experience during the pandemic, try to stay positive and speak to us at school. If you or your family are finding things difficult and feel that the school may be able to assist in any way then please do contact us via the support emails which can be located on the school website.

Stay safe and best wishes, we will be in touch.

Ms Waters