**January 2021 Update**

From Monday 4th January 2021 the large majority of children will be taught remotely from home. Only those children with a confirmed invitation to come into school will be expected. Please ensure you confirm that your child will be coming to school, if invited. If we are not expecting them, please do not turn up with your child on Monday.

Many parents have asked about the learning that will take place in school compared to the remote learning on the Google Classroom. Lessons will take place in school, similar to a usual school day. Remote learning will include a mixture of videos, live lessons and offline activities provided on the Google Classroom, in line with what is happening in school. However, the purpose is to ensure we all stay safe; this must be our primary concern and, we believe, given the R rate in Redbridge and London this is the right action. Where possible, children should stay at home. If you are a key worker with childcare provision at home then please keep your child at home. Please do not be offended if we ask you, at the gate, about available childcare at home. Thank you.

Children will be expected to engage with online and offline learning at home and we ask that they/you complete their Learning Logs to enable feedback with the teachers. We are supporting where IT is an issue, this has to be in priority order but we will do our very best here. I know some parents have requested paper packs as before but we would encourage online interaction, where possible. We also realise some devices are shared so we aim for the the offline activities to allow independent learning to take place too while another member of the family uses the device.

You will receive more information about the learning via the Google Classroom on Monday morning. We are currently due back on Monday 18th January, depending on a government review. Please do not take risks as you are taking risks for others, we are all one community. All staff will have been tested this week and so return fit and healthy, let’s keep it this way!