Dates for the diary

2016 - 2017 dates

Autumn 2016

TERM:            Monday 5 September to Friday 16 December

Half term:     Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October


Spring 2017

TERM:            Tuesday 3 January to Friday 31 March

Half term:     Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February


Inset day:      Friday 20 January


Summer 2017

TERM:            Tuesday 18 April to Friday 21 July

Half term:     Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June

Inset day:      Friday 23 June


Bank holidays in 2016/2017

Monday 26 December 2016 (Christmas Day)
Tuesday 27 December 2016 (Boxing Day)
Monday 2 January 2017 (New Year’s Day)
Friday 14 April 2017 (Good Friday)
Monday 17 April 2017 (Easter Monday)
Monday 1 May 2017 (May Day)
Monday 29 May 2017 (Spring Bank Holiday)
Monday 28 August 2017 (Summer Bank Holiday)


LIST OF EVENTS 2016-2017



Autumn Term – first half

5th Sep

Summer Reception & Year 1 start

9th Sep

Year 1 trip to Valentines Park

12th Sep

Spring Reception start

12th Sep (all wk)

Meet the teacher meetings (Year 1)

19th Sep

Autumn Reception start

26th Sep

Meet the teacher meeting (Bancroft class) 2.40pm

27th Sep

Meet the teacher meeting (Llort class) 2.40pm

28th Sep

Meet the teacher meeting (Hylton class) 2.40pm

29th Sep

Meet the teacher meeting(Kusama class) 2.40pm

26th  Sep

Reception start full time

5th  Oct

Reception Firefly, phonics and reading workshop for parents 2.20pm

19th Oct

Year 1 exhibition for parents 2.00pm

Autumn Term – second half

3rd Nov

Year 1 Maths Workshop for parents 2.20pm

15th Nov

Group photos

28th & 30th Nov

Parent Consultations (Reception and year 1) 3.15 – 6.00pm

14th Dec

Christmas production (Year 1) 2.00pm

Spring term – first half

6th Jan

Year 1 trip to Museum of London (all day)

12th Jan

Reception maths workshop for parents 2.20pm

20th Jan

INSET day (no school for children)

3rd Feb

Rosen Class Assembly 2.20pm (parents of Rosen class welcome to attend)

Spring Term – second half

6th & 8th March

Parent Consultations (Reception & Year 1) 3.15 – 6.00pm

17th March

Dahl Class Assembly (parents of Dahl class welcome to attend)

29th March

Year 1 Exhibition for parents  2.00pm       

Summer Term – first half

19th May

Potter Class Assembly (parents of Potter class welcome to attend)

Summer Term – second half

12th June(all week)

Year 1 phonics screening checks

23rd June

INSET day (no school for children)

30th June

Sports day (morning)

5th July

Open afternoon (Reception and Year 1) 2.00pm

7th July

Mckee Class Assembly (parents of Mckee class welcome to attend)

13th July

Summer concert (Reception) 2.00pm