Courses on Offer

A Levels

We offer a wide range of AS and A Level courses allowing students to persure areas of academic interest. For more information please visit our ‘Entry Requirements’ section.

The courses listed are a guide to what is available, and are subject to demand and time-tabling, change and availablity.

Higher Education

Most of our Sixth Formers go on to university. We offer students expert advice and guidance when they make their choice of course and university. We organise visits to H.E. Fairs and university open days and we have excellent links with universities. We run many sessions to support students when making their applications. We also provide advice, guidance and assistance for students who have decided not to apply for University. 


As part of our electives programme, we also provide the Cambridge Pre-U which is an exciting post 16 qualification that prepares students to make a success of their subsequent studies at University.

Guidance Sessions

You will have a personal mentor who will provide regular support and advice. Student progress is carefully monitored and appropriate action will be taken to deal with any under- achievement.

General Education / Perspectives

Sixth Formers follow a course in Citizenship, designed to complement their other studies. This course will help students develop important skills and provide them with the knowledge and understanding to help them become active and responsible citizens in society. 

Private & Independent Study Periods

All our Sixth Form students are timetabled for private and independent study periods during the school day. Students do not have ‘free periods’. It is our belief that students should at all times be engaging in meaningful learning and using their time during the school day to improve their scholarship. We support them by providing them with the resources and space to become the best academics they can be.





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  • As a World Class school we attempted to beat some world class records during our Inset day including eating as many smarties in a minute, questions from our learning and teaching policy. Who would have thought we have 3 members of staff who hold a world record. A world record? Read more 09:17 PM - 4th September, 2019
  • Huge thank you to Laughology for reminding us all of the importance of laughter in all our lives especially when tired or stressed#friendship 09:08 PM - 4th September, 2019
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  • Joyous day meeting our lovely aspirational year 7 students. Well done parents/carers for being so brave! 09:02 PM - 4th September, 2019
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