Community statement

We at Seven Kings have a proud tradition of inclusion within a diverse school of students of faith and no faith. We are very proud of what we offer our young people and we are very proud of our young people's outstanding contributions and achievements.

As you are aware, a group of students prayed outside and posted video footage of them doing so on Twitter. This has raised a number of concerns from our staff and parents. To address this matter adequately and sensitively, we have engaged with Imams and community leaders as well as the Redbridge Community Engagement Coordinator and decided to: 

1.     Explore the setting up of a multi-faith prayer room with our young students, to ensure we are meeting their needs and wellbeing.

2.     Open the prayer room to all our students, male and female, who wish to pray.

Whilst this process takes place, we encourage our students to continue to attend the local Mosque on Fridays as agreed.  

We have also come to learn that there are no prayer facilities at the local mosque for female students. We will immediately offer our female students a space to pray within the school premises. 

We are committed to sharing our plans for our multi faith room with our students, teachers, parents and the community and are aiming to open the space for use by our students starting from the summer term 2019.

The students, staff and community of Seven Kings have worked together to create an outstanding, World Class school for over 20 years and our community will continue to do so as our young people deserve nothing less.