Sixth Form Enrolment 2020

Seven Kings Sixth Form Enrolment Update - Friday 21st August 2020


We are delighted to confirm that we are full at present for September 2020.

If any opportunities to enrol we will share them on the website and through our social media accounts.


Seven Kings Sixth Form Enrolment Update - Wednesday 19th August 2020


Dear Offer Holders,

We hope that you sleep well before the big day tomorrow! Please note the following updates for enrolment on Thursday 20th August. You have all received personalised instructions regarding enrolment.


Please note the following:


All Offer Holders:

There will be no physical access to the school site for enrolment. Enrolment is 100% virtual/online with many of our staff working remotely. You will not be permitted on site by foot or car. Our school reception will be staffed – 02085548935.

We are not permitting subject changes at present. Pupils will need to enrol onto 3 or 4 of their offered subjects. Post enrolment and in September we may have some opportunities to change depending on class numbers.


Internal Offer Holders:

Please send your request to enrol to the specified account (contained in your pre enrolment letter) by 11.00am at the latest on Thursday 20th August. Don’t forget to include a phone number.

If you have not met the entry requirements then please use the where a team is on hand to help you.


External Offer Holders

Please complete the relevant updates on the application portal by 11.00am at the latest on Thursday 20th August.


Finally, Our aim is to complete enrolment by the end of Thursday if possible. Please think carefully about accepting multiple places as this will prevent others from enrolling at Seven Kings or other institutions. If you do enrol and need to withdraw then please do so ASAP using the instructions in your enrolment confirmation.


Please note that if you have not got an offer we will not be able to support you at present. Those on the waiting list or have not applied to monitor the website or social media accounts next week for opportunities. A reminder that no pupils or parents will be allowed onsite at present.