Welcome to our Alumni

We are excited to be starting our new Alumni celebrating some of the successes and exciting things that are happening at Seven Kings School. Once again our students have had great success in their exams and enjoyed many trips and talks throughout the year.

Exam results

A Level (2015)

We are once again extremely proud of our A-level successes last year with many of our students going to universities across the country37% of grades were A*-A and 66% of grades were A*-B

The large numbers who go on to University are testimony to the excellent teaching and facilities that students enjoy. We are one of the leading comprehensive schools in Britain for A Level success over the past few years.

Some of the top subject results were:

Chemistry:  44% A*-A and 73% A*-B

Biology: 36% A*-A and 59 % A*-B

Maths: 51% A*-A and 73% A*-B

Psychology: 34% A*-A and 55% A*-B

Economics: 35% A*-A and 58% A*-B

History: 56% A*-A and 88% A*-B

Politics: 41% A*-A and 54% A*-B

English Literature: 27% A*-A and 74% A*-B

Sociology: 23% A*-A and 71% A*-B

Geography: 31% A*-A and 72% A*-B.

Further Maths: 70% A*-A and 90% A*-B


Results Degree choice University Previous School
Hannah Bacon

Biology A*

Chemistry A*

Maths A*




Seven Kings
Nathan Howard

Chemistry A

Maths A*

Physics A




Seven Kings
Harveen Judge

Economics A*

English Literature A*

History A

Maths A*

Philosophy /Politics/ Economics



Seven Kings
Hena Patel

Economics A*

English Literature A

Maths A*

Politics A



New College


How to Join?

We are always really excited when ex-students come back and talk to us and our students about their experiences.

We are inviting all ex-students who want to be part of our alumni to contact us and tell us their stories so that we can share them with our community.

We also want to keep our ex-students informed of all the exciting things that happen at Seven Kings, such as the opening of our new primary school.

We are also looking for ex-students who want to help drive the alumni forward and think of events that would bring alumni members together alongside staff.

If you want to be part of our alumni please contact us on:


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