Letter to Year 8 re: coronavirus

Dear Parents/Carers

As a Headteacher the most difficult decision is always about closing the school.  In truth we know that as a student and staff body most of us enjoy coming to Seven Kings each day and we are a happy school; students are curious and want to learn, they see their friends and eat good food!

In such unprecedented times as we are in we know students need structure to feel safe.  However, due to the government announcements last night many staff and students have decided to self-isolate and as you will see from the guidelines below this in itself is not a decision taken lightly.

Self-isolation means that if any member of your family has a high temperature or new persistent cough the family should self-isolate for 14 days.  In order for this to have an impact it does need to be the whole family. Please be aware no member of the family including your children should leave the family home when self-isolating.


I have in light of the changes, with the governing body, decided to send Years 7 and 8 home at the end of the day as a contingency measure as a result of staff absences.  We are unable to operate a safe site and are at a critical point regarding student staff ratios, given staff absences.  We will carry out a risk assessment on Friday and review this for next week and you will receive a communication on Friday informing you as to this decision.

I will hold assemblies today for Years 7 and 8 and explain the decision and most importantly explain how their on line learning will operate!  We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we are ready to provide on line learning which teachers will monitor.  If your child has not engaged with the on line learning you will be contacted. Each year group will have an email address to contact if they have any issues or if they are not feeling safe. Those without internet access will be given packs to take home.

We also have in place doorstep and phone contact for those who need it. 

Can I ask if you are an NHS worker and childcare will prove difficult, to contact my PA Carol O’Brien at c.o’brien@sevenkings.school  Can I also ask you to contact Carol if you are concerned about meeting the needs of your family, including feeding your family.  We can help here so please do contact Carol.  If you have a child who is entitled to a free lunch in an older year group and you would like them to bring a lunch box home for their siblings, you can also ask Carol for this to be arranged.

We will continue to be open for the other year groups and will ensure Years 11 and 13 are supported and ready to fulfil all their wonderful potential in the exams this summer. 

Please keep looking at our website for updates as they come in.  If we are asked to close we will inform you immediately and also open as quickly as we possibly can.

Keep safe and well. 

Thank you for your support.

Jane Waters
Executive Headteacher