A-Level Results Day 2021

A-Level results will be emailed out to you via your school email account from 8.30am on the morning of Tuesday 10th August. Please be aware that they can take up to 30 minutes to arrive once we send. Sadly given our current context you will not be invited on site to collect your results. 

A Level Results Day

UCAS Track (which has your university offer status) will also update at 8.30AM. Do check in advance that you know your log-in details and be patient as many others will be accessing!

Essentially, UCAS Track will show one of four outcomes:

  • Your firm offer is now confirmed as a place
  • Your insurance offer is now confirmed as a place
  • Your universities have not yet decided (in which case I advise you ring them up)
  • You have no place and are eligible to go into clearing - this does happen to many pupils every year


If you are unhappy with the place you have been confirmed, you can decline the place and voluntarily go into clearing.

If you now wish to take a gap year, you can ring or write to the university and ask them to defer the place for a year; or you can just withdraw from UCAS and re-apply in the next cycle.

Some advice 

  • If you are unhappy with your A level grades but still have a good university place, we strongly advise you not to think about retakes in October and to move on.
  • If you are unhappy with A level grades and do not have a university place that you are content with or have moved into clearing, we advise you first to spend some time (a few days) checking out places in clearing.
  • On results day if you need any help from staff at Seven Kings then please email clearing@sevenkings.school and a member of staff will be in contact with you via email or phone initially.  We are still here to help.
  • If you are unsuccessful in clearing, then you might consider a gap year and resit A level exams are available in the Autumn series. Following these you could re-apply through UCAS in the next cycle. 


Some Useful Links

A reminder that if you need support then you must email clearing@sevenkings.school and not just come into school. 

Please note: Information about appeals can be found on our website by following this link - Appeals

Remember that this year your exam grade can go up or down which was not the case last year. You must sign the appeals form to confirm that you are happy with this outcome.