Psychology and Sociology

Psychology and Sociology Forum


Date: Tuesday 1st February from 3.45pm

This is a new forum which we would like to make as big as possible to hear as many voices as we can.

The meeting will take place virtually on Google Meet (meeting link to follow)

The agenda for the meeting will be a reflective and forward planning session, looking at:

  1. What are we doing to help manage workload
  2. What our priorities are for this half term (Y11 and 13 in particular) and for the remainder of the academic year for years 10 and 12.
  3. How the network can be the most effective platform to support us all

Could everyone please bring one strategy/resource that addresses discussion points one and two; these will be collated together and sent out to everyone after the meeting.


If you would like to attend please contact Carol OBrien at