KS3 Curriculum

Our key stage 3 curriculum is anchored in excellence, embraces curiosity and encourages risk taking. The promotion of scholarship and challenge is at its heart. All curriculum areas are committed to developing the scholarly subject skills and mindset to ensure success is sustainable continuing into key stage 4 & 5. Similarly our focus on enrichment and learning outside of the classroom provides the cultural capital needed to realise aspiration


Enrichment in Key stage 3

Our school motto is Friendship, Excellence and Opportunity. We believe that our well constructed enrichment programme provides a host of excellent opportunities for students to be challenged outside of their comfort zone. In Year 7 all students have the opportunity to practise their language skills and experience a different culture on the summer trip to Boulogne. Furthermore, the science department embraces learning outside of classroom with trips to Colchester zoo and the Science Museum. In Year 8 all students have the opportunity to experience a residential camping trip with a three day visit to Danbury outdoor activity centre. The Geography department focus on fieldwork skills in their rivers unit and the Drama department ensure that all Year 8 students participate in an annual performance to parents.

Ks3 enrichment 2Ks3 enrichment 3

Whilst in Year 9 the History department take all students to Ypres to experience the First World War battlefields and reflect on the sacrifice of others.

Ks3 enrichment 4Ks3 enrichment 5

The annual ski trip to Austria is open to all key stage 3 students and provides an opportunity not only to experience a different culture but also show resilience when challenged with learning a new skill.

Ks3 enrichment ski 1Ks3 enrichment ski 2

Year 7 Passport to Scholarship

Ks3 passport

Scholarship is a key theme at Seven Kings from Key stage 3 through to Key stage 5. In Year 7 we have introduced the “Passport to Scholarship". Our Year 7s will be collecting their scholarship stamps in each subject these will be issued when the seven scholarly skills have been demonstrated to a required level.

Passport overviewPassport schloraship stamps

Year 7 students will also be encouraged to adopt a “Growth Mindset” and undertake challenges outside of their set classwork and home learning. Students who adopt a positive growth mindset  will want to challenge themselves to develop new skills and learn new information. Examples of challenges are included in the passport. Teachers will record the challenges that students have undertaken in their passport. At the end of the summer term all Year 7 students will graduate and collect their scholarship scroll.


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