GCSE Art and Design

Exam Board - Edexcel 2FA01 (Fine Art)

The Course

You will learn about art, artists and cultures.  You will extend skills in a range of mediums and techniques to develop and express your own ideas into personal pieces of work.  The course requires that you learn skills relating to:

  • Analysis and understanding of art
  • Collection and presentation of resources and observations and ideas
  • The ability to use various materials and development of final ideas


This is in three parts:

  • Controlled Assessment Coursework: This will be built up from your class learning and some home learning during the two years.  This counts for 60% of the final mark.
  • Preparation for the examination: You will be given a theme 8 weeks before the examination so you can do studies and prepare your work. This, along with the examination, counts for 40% of the final mark.              
  • A ten hour examination where you do your final work (don’t be put off by ten hours; you need a long time to do good art work and if you prepare sufficiently, the examination will be enjoyable).  This counts for 40% of the final mark.

Where it leads

There are many opportunities for a career in Art and Design.   Some possibilities include Architecture, Art Business, Design, Art Therapy, Art Curating, Film/Stage Production, Advertising and Scientific Illustration.