Construction (City and Guilds)

Exam Board - Level One Introductory Certificate in Basic Construction Skills (6217-01)

The Course

The course is comprised of eight units, covering Health and Safety, Bricklaying, Painting and Decorating, Plastering, Tiling, Plumbing and Carpentry with an optional GOLA test (Global On-Line Assessment) taken at the end of Yr11. It provides students with an insight to the construction industry building upon their practical skills and increasing their knowledge of construction methods. For students to be successful all units need to be completed. The majority of the course is “hands-on” and learners may be able to proceed to intermediate level at a FE institute or an apprenticeship when they finish. However, some young people will have to practise more than others in order to meet the required standard


All practical work is photographed and logged as evidence for assessment. Most assessment is based on practical work. This means that learners pass that part of the course when he or she has become competent. Instructors will provide advice and guidance. 

Young people will also need to complete log-books showing their progress. There will be written and on-line tests and learners will create a portfolio using log-books, tutor comments and assessments.

Where it leads

For those who want to progress in the industry, apprenticeships and college courses are available. The main opportunities are in craft occupations. Future careers in other aspects of construction, civil engineering and architecture may also open up after further study.