GCSE Geography

Exam Board - AQA A Specification

The Course

Students follow the AQA A Specification (4030) for Geography. This builds upon what you have learnt in Years 7 - 9, and introduces some exciting new topics. The GCSE course is split into 3 Units:


Unit 1 - Physical Geography (90 minute exam, worth 37.5%)

You will study the following modules:

  • The Restless Earth – Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and their impacts on rich and poor countries
  • Challenge of Weather and Climate – The UK’s climate, Climate Change and the causes and consequences of Climatic Hazards, such as hurricanes
  • Water on the Land – how rivers shape the land and the impacts of Flooding and Water supply

Unit 2 – Human Geography (90 minute exam, worth 37.5%)

You will study the following modules:

  • Population Change – Population change, Population control, Ageing populations and the impacts of migration
  • Tourism – Growth of global tourism, managing tourist areas in the UK, mass Tourism, extreme environments and ecotourism
  • The Development Gap – contrasts in development, factors affecting development, reducing global inequalities and the EU

Unit 3 – Local Fieldwork Investigation (Controlled Assessment worth 25%)

This is based on one of 11 topics set by the exam board. You will carry out some fieldwork, and then have 20 hours of class time to write up your report. This is carried out in school only and has a word limit of 2000 words.

Where it leads


  • Meteorologist
  • Environmental Education Officer
  • Advertising Executive
  • Finance
  • Surveyor
  • Tourism Officer
  • United Nations Ambassador