GCSE History

Exam Board - EXEXCEL – 1HI0

The Course

Students will study the following parts of the syllabus across Year 10 and 11.

Paper 1: Part 1 - International Relations 1919-1939

  • The First World War Peace Treaties
  • The League of Nations
  • The Causes of World War Two

Paper 1: Part 2 - Mao’s China

  • The CCP victory 1949
  • The Economic/Social/Political impact of CCP rule in China

Paper 2: British Depth Study

  • The Liberal reforms 1906-1914
  • Women and the vote 1890-1918
  • Britain and the First World War 1914-1918


Controlled assessment: Weimar-Nazi Germany 1919-1945

We deliver a 6 week overview of the topic. The assessment question is then released and student have one week to prepare a plan before starting their 8 controlled hours.


Paper 1 is assessed through knowledge based questions.

Describe (4 marks) Explain (6 marks) Evaluate (10 marks)

Paper 2 is assessed through primary source analysis. Students are asked to make inferences from sources about the topics studied, compare sources for similarity/difference and to evaluate sources for usefulness and reliability.

Where it leads

Progression into Higher Education such as a degree in History. Ancient History, Politics, International Relations, Law and Sociology