GCSE Languages

Exam Board - EDEXCEL

The Course

In Year 10 Students will learn how to communicate more effectively in the chosen language and will work towards completing 2 pieces of writing (controlled assessments) and 2 speaking exams. These count for their final GCSE mark. In Year 11 students will then focus on revising and learning more demanding structures and vocabulary, that will stretch the more able to start thinking of taking the Language studied at A level.


Students are tested in the four skills areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening and reading account for 20% each of the final GCSE mark and speaking and writing for 30% each.

30% - the speaking element – is internal assessment (marked by the student’s teacher) and externally moderated at the end of Year 11.

70% is examination with the writing element being split into modular tests throughout the two years to make it more manageable. 

Where it leads

Languages are a valuable asset when applying to university courses leading into teaching and interpreting. It can also lead into international careers such as journalism and media, business and politics or diplomacy.