A Level Media Studies

OCR (AS: H140, A2: H540) 

Who should study Media Studies?

The main aim of the course is to raise students’ awareness of themselves as media consumers, how media affects society and to empower students so they make the move from media consumer to media producer. 

The Course 

Media Studies is a subject that explores:

  • how a range of media texts are effectively constructed
  • how audiences are targeted and how they respond to the texts
  • how new technology has challenged the traditional roles of both producers and audiences 


Students study for and are assessed in the following ways:

AS Media Studies

50% practical coursework portfolio (consisting of one preparation piece and a main production) and 50% exam:

Paper 1 unseen analysis of TV drama plus questions about representation of social groups, time and place.

Paper 2 discussion of one media institution.

A2 Media Studies

50% practical coursework folder and 50% exam:

Paper 1 linking critical theories to practical work

Paper 2 discussion of key media issues such as globalisation, identity and postmodernism Practical work will include use of digital video, FinalCut Pro editing software and green screens.

Where it leads

The course lays the groundwork for careers in journalism, film making, television and web design amongst others.