A Level Product Design

OCR (AS: H053, A2: H453) 

Who should study Product Design?

This course offers students the opportunity to study, propose and realise prototype solutions closely linked to the real world of product manufacture in a range of material areas. 

The Course

Students will be expected to demonstrate innovation and flair when working with concepts and materials; develop an understanding of contemporary design and technologies practices and consider the uses and effects of new technologies and modern materials.

The course comprises of the following four units:

AS Product Design

F521 Advanced Innovation Challenge

Students take part in a timed design challenge based on a pre-released theme, under examination conditions. 

F522 The Product Study

Students to investigate an existing product in-depth, resulting in suggestions for improvements. Throughout this module students learn a variety of skills focused upon improving their understanding of researching, designing, developing, testing and evaluating a proposed product.

A2 Product Design

F523 Design, Make & Evaluate

An extensive major project which allows students to demonstrate their designing, making and evaluative skills. 

F524 Product Design

This is a written paper that consists of two components

Where it leads

Product Design leads to opportunities in engineering, architecture, construction industry, product development, marketing, automotive design, and various design related disciplines.