A Level Product Design

Name of course

A Level Design and Technology

Examining board

OCR (H406)

Link to specification More information about the course can be found from the exam board website here

Course Entry Requirements

To study DT Product Design you must have studied it at GCSE and obtained a Grade 6.

Why Design and Technology?



Product Design focuses on consumer products and applications and their analysis in respect of materials, components, process and their selection and uses in products and/or systems through commercially viable products and practices.

Course Content




For a number of these principles, mathematical and/or scientific knowledge is also required; this is indicated in the specifications.

Component 01: Principles of...

  • Analyse existing products
  • Demonstrate applied mathematical skills
  • Demonstrate their technical knowledge of materials, product functionality, manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Undertake case studies to demonstrate their understanding of wider social, moral and environmental issues that impact on the design and manufacturing industries.

Component 02: Problem solving in..

  • Apply their knowledge, understanding and skills of designing and manufacturing prototypes and products to given situations and problems
  • Demonstrate their higher thinking skills to solve problems and evaluate situations and suitability of design solutions.

Component 03/04: Iterative design project

Central to this this non-examined assessment is the requirement for students to understand and apply processes of iterative designing in their design and technology practice: exploring needs, creating solutions and evaluating how well the needs have been met.

Students identify an engaging and challenging context of their own choice that offers design opportunity or problem to respond to in the development of a design solution. They create a chronological portfolio of evidence in real-time as they design, make and evaluate the project according to the iterative processes of explore, create and evaluate.