A Level Politics

Edexcel (AS: 8GP01, A2: 9GP01)

Who should study Government and Politics?

Politics students will be expected to take an active interest in the news, both nationally and internationally. They will be expected to voice their opinions in an informed way.  

The Course 

Politics is divided into 4 units, 2 of which will be studied in Year 12, followed by the other 2 units in Year 13.

AS Government & Politics

Unit 1: (People and Politics) and 2 (Governing the UK) focus on British government and on the relationship between government and its people.

Unit 2: Students will study the role of political parties, pressure groups and electoral systems.

A2 Government & Politics

Unit 3: (structures of Global Politics)

Unit 4: (Global Political issues) focus on international politics and the issues that shape our world today.

Students will look into current issues such as terrorism and global warming. They will study regional conflict, international intervention and the impact of international organisations.


The course is assessed externally under examination conditions, including short-answer questions, extended writing and essays.

Where does it lead?

This qualification supports progression into further education such as honours degrees in Politics, international relations, Sociology and History.