A Level Art

Edexcel - A Level: 9AD0

Who should study Art?

Anyone, if you are creative enjoy problem solving, are interested in art, architecture, fashion, craft, culture, or design. If you have not studied Art or Design at GCSE or equivalent you will need to provide a portfolio of work to demonstrate your current level of technical skill.

The Course

Art, Craft and Design is an inspiring course that gives you the opportunity to develop skills in the field of Fine Art, Craft and Design. Exploring a wide range of practical techniques, learning about different artists and cultures, use your imagination and create a personalised body of art works using various mediums. The new syllabus has given us the opportunity to offer you a wider range of disciplines. Students will visit galleries and historic sites both in London and Europe including Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen to help broaden their understanding and knowledge of Art, Craft and Design. we also provide two Saturday life drawing and painting classes to ensure that the students get the formal form tuition required when applying for universities.

Art, Craft and Design



JANUARY - 2018

JUNE - 2018


FEBRURY - 2019

JUNE - 2019

A Level option 1



Use ESA as a personal investigation task or mock ESA

Personal investigation

ESA released

Enter for A Level qualification


A Level

Part 1: 48%

Personal investigation Coursework unit: short projects to allow                                                                                                                             you to explore a wide range of materials and media                                                                 September – December 

Mock – Externally set assessment paper released on line.                                              1st January – April/May (to be    used alongside your personal investigation

Personal investigation (part 2): Practical and Personal Study                                        June –January

Part 2: 12%

Written element: Practical and Personal Study (minimum of 3000 words)           June –January

Part 3: 40%

Externally set assessment will be released on line                                                               1st January – May


Final exhibitions will go up in May/June curated by the students  


Students are required to produce sufficient amounts of work in each element of the course to meet each of the 4 assessment objectives. The mark scheme and will be shared, explained and referred to throughout the course.

AO1 – Develop                     25%

AO2 – Experiment             25%

AO3 – Record                        25%

AO4 – Present                      25%

Each component is marked out of 72 and then 18 marks are awarded for quality of written communication.

Where it leads

For many years most of our Art Students have applied to study Art, Craft and Design -related courses and university degrees. A common route is an application to the Art Foundation course (most students apply to Chelsea, Camberwell or Central St Martins, University of the Arts London). They then go on to study degrees such as Architecture, Fine art, Textiles, Illustration and Product design. For further information on careers and possible routes in Art and Design students can visit the Art inspiration wall in room 11 or ask any of the members of the Art Team.

Summer project:

Year 12, during your summer break we would like you to complete the following and be prepared to present all that you observe/ fined during your first lesson in September.

  1. Visit a minimum of two galleries; this can be done on the same day, in London or somewhere you are visiting over the holiday. Research anything that catches your eye and start to consider materials you would like to explore, movements, places, textures.  Think about the way that work has been curated.
  2. Collect post cards and photographs to support your gallery research. 
  3. Write up practically or as part of a blog
  4. Take photographs of anywhere you go, people you see, etc as these will help form the basis to your work in September.
  5. Draw where you can

Good Luck and have fun exploring some of the new exhibitions in London and across the globe!

Welcome to Seven Kings Art Department

Mrs Davis, Ms Austin, Ms Ioannou & Mrs Wendy Tanner

For further information please contact Mrs Davis at k.davis@sevenkings.school