Why Us?

Introduction to our sixth form

You may not know much about Seven Kings School; we are a comprehensive school near Ilford with our own Sixth Form. We are fairly traditional in our style and approach - the vast majority of our Sixth Form students follow A Levels and then go on to some of the best universities to begin degree courses. However, we are very modern and forward-looking in our teaching, our facilities, our methods, our use of technology and in our high expectations. Our aims are summed up simply:

We want you to be the best!


What singles us out as special is our success

What singles us out as special is our success - we have been the top community comprehensive school for A Level results in the area for over eleven years. This year we have again achieved outstanding A Level results, with an average of 822 points per student. 37% of grades were at A* to A. 66% achieved A*-B at A2. 87% of grades were at A to C. We have featured in many national newspapers as one of the best comprehensive schools in Britain for A Level results. We offer 21 different AS / A Level courses. We have also been very successful in providing a range of extra-curricular activities which help our students to develop a wide range of skills and personal qualities that help prepare them for university, future careers and life in the 21st Century. Please refer to our Exam Results section for more details.

Our Sixth Form offers a different kind of experience to that which you will find at college; we are more personal. At present there are 492 students in the Sixth Form and there is a strong emphasis on individual guidance and personal support. The key word for us is achievement - in all areas of school life, but especially in your studies, as this should be the main reason for you continuing with your education. We like to think that we provide you with the best possible opportunity for you to achieve success - it is up to the individual to make the most of this but we are confident that we can and do, make a difference.


The facilities at the school are excellent

As a specialist school, we enjoy excellent facilities. We have a purpose-built Sixth Form Study Centre that is the foundation for success. Our well-equipped Library provides further facilities for research and study. The school has excellent ICT facilities (WiFi), providing a basis for independent learning. These are available throughout the day and after school and students can access all their work from home. Our homework post and e-mail system makes communication with teachers easy at any time. There is a wealth of resources available on the school intranet to support academic success and high achievement.

Sixth Formers have a purpose-built Common Room with a café, recreational facilities and their own patio area. There is also a school restaurant where students can enjoy food and snacks and use as an informal study area. The school has excellent general facilities including a superb sports hall, well-equipped specialist teaching areas, laboratories and a modern technology suite. Around the school, a range of art work and sculptures add to the stimulating learning environment. A new all-weather pitch enables sport to take place throughout the year.


Our staff are of the highest quality

However, we think that the main reason why you should consider our Sixth Form is the relationship between teachers and students.  Our staff are of the highest quality; they have studied at some of the best universities in the country, they care how you do, they have come to expect very high standards from all of our students and they know how to help you achieve success.  We work with students to bring out the best in each individual; the results are there to be seen!


We feature each year in all the national newspapers' lists of top state schools (for GCSE and A Level results)

You may not know a great deal about us, but others clearly do; last year we had over 2,000 applications to join the Sixth Form from students from other schools throughout the East London area. We feature each year in all the national newspapers' lists of top state schools (for GCSE and A Level results), we are a specialist school for Science and Technology and for Modern Languages, providing even better facilities to help our students to succeed. We have been named as the best comprehensive school for A Level Chemistry, Biology and Sociology in the Good School Guide and we have gained numerous government achievement awards! Over 200 of our students went on to university this year, with many going to the very best universities (including Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial, UCL and King's amongst many others).