Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire all with a life-long love of learning. Feeling safe and secure, we will be open-minded, risk-taking and hungry to succeed.  We master skills, develop passions and reach heights we did not imagine possible. 

Our Values

Our commitment to  every child being able to succeed and to experience a broad and rich learning experience underpins our curriculum and our values which encourage our pupils through:

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Open-mindedness

  • Personal well-being

  • Reflection

  • Positive communication

  • Caring

  • Integrity, honesty and a sense of justice

  • Acquiring knowledge

  • Risk-taking

  • Critical and creative thinking


Our Culture

What we do every single day to achieve our vision

We make learning creative and engaging

We support the values that underpin Growth Mindset

We exude positive energy, passion and spirit

We are welcoming

We have high expectations and are aspirational for all

We are collaborative and supportive

We are nurturing

We believe in distributed leadership, empowering individuals

We are professional and driven

We develop by embracing a ‘community’ of thinking about learning which is often research-based

We reflect on our practice, so we are the best we can be

We all have a voice

We are friendly and smiling, enjoying humorous moments

 Our Mission Statement

Providing a high quality environment and provision in all areas.

We will always aim for the best for all members of our school, through a culture of teamwork and by providing a high quality environment and provision in all areas.  We will work hard to maintain a positive partnership with parents and carers and strive to be a focal point in our local community, while ensuring that our children develop an understanding of the global community of which they are a part.

We will value and encourage creativity and provide stimulating and challenging activities for all.  We will maintain high expectations of work and behaviour at all times, but will ensure this is couched in a framework of emotional security, fun and enjoyment.

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