Year 9 Information

The Videos below will take you through Year 9 Curriculum Evening 2022 content.  Please do take time to watch them through as this will help us to support your child to make the most well informed decisions about their future and will give you an insight into how support them through the options process.  If you have any questions following watching this, please do enter them into the google form at the bottom of the page.
Ms Thaker, Associate Assistant Head Teacher - The GCSE Options process and how it works

Mr Mizon - Learning Leader for Science - The Science pathways on offer and the entry requirements for triple science

Ms Charitou - Year Leader for Year 9 - Supporting your Child through year 9 and the transition to GCSE

If you have any questions please do enter them into the google form below.
Kind Regards
Ms Thaker and Ms Charitou

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Options Book 2022 19th Apr 2021 Download