Pedagogy of Progress (POP)

Introduction to POP – The Pedagogy of Progress

It has been an absolute privilege to lead POP across the Partnership this year. The tireless work of the Leaders of Learning (LOLs), practitioners in classrooms in all of our schools and the excellent work of the Student Alliance has been inspiring. The results of this year long project are presented in this research journal.

At the heart of all of the work we do as a Partnership is a passion for learning and teaching ensuring that we are developing our pedagogy and practice to enable the best outcomes and life chances for all of the young people we teach.

At the onset of POP, we considered Dylan Wiliam’s research that “A bad curriculum well taught is invariably a better experience for students than a good curriculum badly taught: pedagogy trumps curriculum. Or more precisely, pedagogy is curriculum, because what matters is how things are taught, rather than what is taught.” 

The range of research that has happened across the Partnership has really considered, refined and reflected on HOW things are taught and this journal contains some of these trialled pedagogies to take away and try in your own classrooms.

I would like to thank all of the LOLs, the Student Alliance and their leaders and all of the schools that have participated in the POP project this year. I hope you are proud of what you have achieved!

Nicole Ranson
Director of Seven Kings Learning Partnership and Leader of the POP project across the Partnership

If you would like further information on this or future projects, please contact Carol O’Brien – PA to the Teaching School 


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