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Posted on: January 29th 2021

Making IT Happen! Helping Redbridge children access online learning

Helping Redbridge children access online learning


A message to Redbridge parents and carers


A child having access to a suitable laptop for remote learning makes all the difference to the quality of their education, yet it is estimated that 9% of families in the UK do not have any laptop, desktop or tablet at home. Many children are also missing online lessons because they have to share kit with siblings and their working parents. 

You’ll have heard that schools were allocated a certain number of devices last year but there just weren’t enough for every child that needs one. This is why we’ve launched the ‘Making IT Happen’ campaign, in partnership with Redbridge schools.

Our aim is to lend a laptop to every Redbridge child that does not have access to a suitable device for online learning. Once a device is no longer needed by a child it will be returned to their school, which means that not only will it support a child who desperately needs it now, but will continue to support education in the future too. If we receive more devices than are needed by schools, they will be used to support Redbridge residents who are digitally excluded. 


Can you help us?

Every donation will help us to help a child access online learning. There are well over 20,000 families in Redbridge, but it only takes 20 families donating an average of £10 each in order to provide a device to a child. We would be grateful for any donation – whether this is £5 or £20.


If you can help us, please visit

If you can’t support the campaign financially we’d be very grateful if you could spread the word with your friends, family and contacts, 


Is your child unable to access online learning?

If your child is currently unable to access online learning or doesn’t have access to a suitable device and you haven’t already discussed this with your child’s school, please contact your child’s school to let them know. 

If your child’s school is already aware, your child will be considered for a device as they become available. We will be prioritising those in exam years and those in Year 6 first. Those with no device at home will be prioritised above those who are currently sharing with others in their household. 


Has your child already received a device from their school?

We would love to hear feedback from you and/or your child on how receiving a device has helped with their online learning so that we can share these messages with others. Email us at