Scholarship Societies

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Our scholarship societies are optional exciting, student-led groups where students can meet like-minded people that share their interest, including Law, English, Philosophy, STEM, Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Economics

The scholarship societies have re-ignited this year with a new sense of excitement due to the fact that Year 12s and Year 13s can mix and meet eachother!

Our Year 13 leaders of the brilliant Law Scholarship Society have run meets, starting with an engaging quiz about the different pathways into law, a general ‘legal’ knowledge round, and landmark cases in law, and hosting a 40 person debate about capital punishment. 



Eng soc 2


Our English Scholarship Society session, led by Year 13 leaders, delivered an incredibly intellectual lecture reading Harry Potter through a revisionist lens.



Our Economics Scholarship Society launched their one with a topical debate about the fuel crisis!

The past year the Economics Scholarship Society and the STEM Scholarship Society have also produced fantastic journals:

The Economics Summer edition

The Science Lockdown Chronicles.