We offer the Extended Project Qualification - an exciting qualification, worth an AS level, that provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct an independent, scholarly, in-depth exploration of a topic of specific interest to them; the result is a 5000 word academic essay and a presentation. 




The students drive their own project, proving their scholarship and academic prowess! 

Our incredible first cohort are exploring fascinating topics. Here are some of the titles:

To what extent does the golden ratio influence aesthetics?

“Un outil pour mieux véhiculer leur idéologie”: How was linguistic evolution significant during the French Revolution?

To what extent are social media networks influencing free speech in the digital world?

How does the concept of ‘Yellow Peril’ continuously influence Hollywood Film?

Exploring the Computational, Mathematical and Psychological Methods behind Big Data manipulation: How, and to what extent, did Big Data influence the 2016 US presidential election?

To what extent has development in research of monoclonal antibodies impacted modern medicine?