Beyond the Academic


To support students to develop themselves outside of academia and enrich their experiences, we have electives in year 12. As well as academic excellence, we are also committed to providing enrichment opportunities outside of A-Level Studies.

Our electives programme includes a timetabled lesson every week which provides an opportunity to learn new skills, be active and/or continue to develop your previous passions.

Other options include:

- PE basketball

- PE football

- PE Netball / Volleyball

- Entrepreneurship

- Debating

- Music

- Cultural Studies

- Dance



As well as academic excellence, it is important that the Sixth Form experience is a fun one!

We are also committed to providing opportunities outside of A-Level Studies, such as social events and activities - these not only improve student well-being, but it also creates unity within the Sixth Form community.


These events include the following:

- Year 12 Induction - Team Building Activities

- Year 12 Bowling trip

- Fright Night Halloween Party

- Sports Day

- Prom

- Common Room music, karaoke and parties


We also have whole school clubs and events to get involved in:

- Music clubs

- Sports clubs

- Arts clubs

- Cultural Dress Day

- Black History Month Poetry Slam and Round Table Discussion

- Scholarship Societies 


Check out this video that captures some of the exciting events throughout the student’s time at Seven Kings Sixth Form: