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What will students learn?

Students will:

  • Learn about and research Art Movements, Artists and social connections

  • Learn how to use and develop materials, processes and technical skills in drawing, construction; 3D, 2D, illustration, sculpture, colour, texture and surface

  • Learn to generate ideas, creatively design, discuss and modify work

  • Produce final personalised outcomes


Yr 7 Autumn Term: 

Project 1: Healthy Vs Junk Pop Food Sculptures

Mixed recycled media 

Contextual Link: Sarah Graham and Claes Oldenburg 

Project 2: Black Artists Matter

Drawing, Painting and IT 

Contextual Link: Guerrilla Girls and both historical and contemporary black artists  

Yr 7 Spring Term: 

Project 3: Dreams & Nightmares

Drawing and Monoprinting 

Contextual Link: Jessica Albarn and artefacts from Kings College London

Yr 7 Summer Term:

Project 4: School Environment 

Watercolour painting

Contextual Link: Historical and contemporary environment and landscape painters 

Yr 8 Autumn Term: 

Project 1: Landscapes and Environment

Pencil and Pen 

Contextual Link: Stephen Wiltshire

Yr 8 Spring Term: 

Project 2: Well Being 1 Personalised Objects

Mixed recycled Media

Contextual Link: Jean-Michel Basquiat  

Project 3: Well Being 2 Beasts Of Burden

Drawing, Illustration and Clay 

Contextual Link: Nepal, Charlie Mackesy, Rae Smith

Yr 8 Summer Term:

Project 4: I want that Job! 

Diverse careers pathways in Art from Architecture, Illustration, Henna Business, Tattoo Art, Fashion Designers etc

Mixed Media

Contextual Link: Historical and contemporary Artists, Designers and movements linking to specialist careers

Yr 9 Autumn Term: 

Project 1: Icons Portraiture

Illustration and Painting

Contextual Link: Agnes Cecille and Gabriel Moreno 


Yr 9 Spring Term: 

Project 2: Landscape and Environment

Illustration, Drawing, Painting  

Contextual Link: Sunga Park  

Project 3: Architecture- Swimming Pool Brief 

Contextual Link: Zaha Hadid and Antoni Gaudi

Yr 9 Summer Term:

Project 4: Fashion Design - Urban Couture 

Illustration, Design and 2d Textiles

Contextual Link: Virgil Abloh 


How will they be assessed?

KS3 Students are expected to keep an updated Virtual Art Journal. 


Home learning
All KS3 Students have their Art learning set and monitored in Google Classroom. Here they generally add fortnightly set activities to their Virtual Art Journal which support their lesson content and document both their class and home learning. They are also encouraged to add in both challenges that relate to the current project content and also their own personalised Art. All work should be discussed, articulating intent, progress and reflection.

Students will be assessed alongside the schools Assessment for Progress policy (AFP) through their Art Journal and final outcomes via:

  • Art Journal investigation/ research using artists/ cultures/ other content

  • Experimentation, developing and refining of practical, visual and written skills

  • Imaginative and personalised ideas

  • Final piece

  • End of project visual and written examination. Class/Home Learning also includes assessment for learning and feedforward. Student/ teacher Dialogue is expected within Google Classroom


How can parents support their child?

  • Parent/Carer(s) are asked for an annual voluntary contribution towards the equipment and resources needed for their child in Art (Amount confirmed each year and submitted via Parentpay)

  • Students receive an Art Pack in Year 7 that they should take care of for their KS3 duration in Art. This generally includes; drawing pencils, paintbrushes, watercolour pencils, watercolour tin. Please remind students to take care of these packs as they are a brilliant provision for class and home learning.

  • Talk to students about their work, praise and encourage them

  • Arrange visits to galleries, museums and share cultural interests

  • Discuss their passions and interests and hopes for future careers in Art, Craft and Design.

  • opes for future careers in Art, Craft and Design.