GCSE Business Studies

Exam Board – EDEXCEL 1BS0

The Course

The course considers how businesses are set up and operate as well as grow. Areas studied in detail include the structure of business, production, marketing, finance and personnel.  Emphasis is also given to the economic, political, social and environmental factors that govern business and the way it acts.

The course is taught through a mixture of controlled assessment, case studies, investigation and textbook assignments.  Much effort is made to connect the study to what is happening in the real world.  Students will also use a wide range of ICT facilities which are applied in a business context. Students will have the opportunity to prepare a business plan and present it to an audience.


● First assessment: May/June 2019.

● There are two Papers; Paper 1- Theme 1 and Paper 2- Theme 2. Each assessment is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

● The assessment is out of 90 marks for each paper.

● Questions will relate to the content that appears in Theme 1 for Paper 1 and Theme 2 for paper 2. Students may draw on underpinning knowledge and understanding developed through Theme 1/2 as appropriate.

● Each paper is divided into three sections.  Section A: 35 marks, Section B: 30 marks, Section C: 25 marks.

● Students must answer all questions.

● The paper will consist of calculations, multiple–choice, short–answer and extended–writing questions.

● The paper will include questions that target mathematics at a minimum of Key Stage 3 level.

● Questions in Sections B and C will be based on business contexts given in a Source Booklet.

● Calculators may be used in the examination

Where it leads

The course prepares students for subjects such as A level Accounts and Applied Advanced Business.