GCSE Drama

GCSE Drama

Exam Board - GCSE Drama Edexcel (1DR0)

The Course

The aim of the Key Stage 4 Drama curriculum is to develop:

  • Confidence in communicating with imagination and expression

  • Social skills in negotiation and team work

  • Performance skills in producing pieces of drama that engage and enthrall your audience

  • Thinking skills about people, feelings, situations, life and the world in which we live

  • Understanding of how elements of drama can be used as transferable skills within all career paths

  • The ability to think critically about all aspects of theatre

  • Writing from the perspective of a performer, designer and director

As part of the course students will:

  • See live theatre

  • Perform a devised piece of theatre based on a social/political issue

  • Present two scripted performances from a play of your choice

  • Showcase examination work in front of a live audience 

  • Work practically in most lessons

  • Recieve workshops from industry professionals



Component 1 - Devising (40%)

You will learn how to explore and develop your understanding of the devising process (making up your own drama) to communicate meaning in a theatrical performance.  The stimulus will be provided and may be about exploring a historic event, music, a news article, a painting, a poem or a photograph - so this should appeal to students who are interested in the arts. (15 marks)

You will need to complete a portfolio of evidence during the devising process, a final performance of your drama and write an evaluation of your own work. (45 marks)

Component 2 - Performance from Text (20%)

You will practically explore the content of the play and its social, cultural and historical aspects that will have an impact on your performance. So you can apply your skills and thinking from History, Geography and Religious Studies to help you here.

You will then choose two extracts to perform to an audience that includes a visiting examiner!  You will also need to complete a proforma describing your research on the text and your vision for the performance. (48 marks)

Component 3 - Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)

For this component, you will explore a full performance text and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of drama. You will learn how characters and performances communicate ideas and meaning to an audience.  (45 marks)

You will also go to see a live theatre performance and you will be required to analyse and evaluate the production. (15 marks)

This unit is a written paper and will be assessed in a 1 hour and 45 minute examination.


The skills developed in Drama are transferable and will support the demands of most creative, disciplined and modern careers.  So whether you are thinking about going into business, becoming a doctor, lawyer, judge, policeman or teacher, skills in group work, presentation and communication will make you stand out from the crowd and have your voice heard.