GCSE Computing

Exam Board – OCR

The Course

Computing is of enormous importance to the economy, and the rate at which technology is advancing and being consumed has rapidly increased over recent years. The growth in the use of mobile devices and web-related technology has exploded resulting in new challenges for employers and employees. This course will enable students to explore the world of software applications, gaming and web-enabled environments.


Unit title

Assessment and Duration


Unit 1 – Computer systems and programming

Covers the body of knowledge about computer systems on which the examination will be based.

1 hour 30 minutes

Written paper

80 marks



Unit 2 – Practical Investigation

An investigative computing task chosen from a list provided by the examination board. Students will be assessed on research, technical understanding, analysis of problem and evaluation skills.


Controlled assessment

45 marks



Unit 3 – Programming project

Design a coded solution to a problem, students ability on the following will be assessed:

  • develop suitable algorithms
  • design suitable input and output formats
  • define and create suitable variables, structures and procedures
  • testing of solution
  • evaluation



Controlled assessment

45 marks



Where it leads

Technical Careers

  • Database developer/manager

  • Programmer