GCSE Textiles

Exam Board - Edexcel Full Course 2TE01 / Short Course 3TE01

The Course

Students will learn more about Fashion and Textiles. The course requires students to learn skills relating to:

  • The ability to appreciate, evaluate and analyse your own work and cultural and designers’ work in context
  • Visual collection and investigation
  • The exploration of visual ideas and alternative textiles


This is in three parts:

  • Coursework Modules: These will be built up from class work and homework during the two years.  This counts for 60% of the final mark. There are two units
  • Preparation for the examination: Students will be given a theme 8 weeks before the examination so you can do studies and prepare work
  • A ten hour examination where students produce their final piece.  This counts for 40% of the final mark

Where it leads

This course can provides a foundation to study textiles and fashion at a higher level and can provide access to higher education courses and careers such as fashion and Textiles, Interior Design, Business in the Fashion Industry, Fashion, Illustration, Journalism, Design or Photography.