A Level Politics

Name of course

A Level Government and Politics

Examining board

Edexcel (9GP0)  

Link to specification More information about the course can be found from the exam board website here

Course Entry Requirements

To study Government & Politics you need a Grade 6 or above in GCSE History or GCSE English Language

Why Government and Politics?



All members of society should have a better understanding of Politics because it gives us an understanding of the general rules under which we live. For these rules to be effective as many people as possible should be actively participating in making them, upholding them and even changing them. This is what is meant by ‘active citizenship’. A healthy society is a society in which many people participate in political activity and do so with insight and understanding.

Politics is likely to suit students who:

  • Have an interest in the world around them- how it works and how it could work
  • Enjoy debate, discussion and argument
  • Enjoy weighing up and evaluating evidence in order to assess and communicate ideas and arguments
  • Likes to develop their own views, rather than accept the views of others
  • Want to develop knowledge and understanding of the role politics plays in relation to current local, national, and global issues

This year and in previous years students have:

  • Debated formally at least twice every half term
  • Teamed up with another school in a head to head debate.
  • Questioned local councillors
  • Gone on a trip to Parliament
  • Gone on a joint History/ Politics Department Trip to Berlin to see where power is or has been!
  • Been invited to various lectures by keynote speakers. This year we attended a lecture on the legitimacy of the Iraq War.
  • Debated at the American Embassy as part as of the School Debate Team
  • Taken part in the LSE Summer School

Course Content



Students study a combination of UK politics, Global politics and Ideologies which include the following:

  • Parliament
  • Prime Minister and executive
  • Democracy and participation
  • UK Elections and Voting
  • Political parties
  • Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism and Nationalism
  • World Order- including America, China, terrorism
  • Globalisation- including economic and cultural globalisation
  • Global institutions including the UN, NATO, the IMF and the G8
  • Human rights
  • The European Union

Where could this course lead to?


There are plenty of higher education courses which are complimentary to taking Government and Politics at A level – International Relations/Politics, History, Economics, Social Policy.

The study of politics can lead to a variety of careers within areas such as journalism and broadcasting, management, publishing, public policy and policy research, interest groups, local government and the voluntary sector, law and politics itself.

Suggested Reading and resources



Most importantly following the news is essential. This will mean reading a good quality newspaper.

BBC news on line is informative

The Week or the Economist or the New Statesmen are weekly journals which can be bought at newsagents or at supermarkets. You may also like to subscribe to one of these. The school library holds copies of these

You could watch:

BBC Question Time on Thursdays hosted by David Dimbleby

BBC One The Andrew Marr Show on Sundays

What our students say about studying Government and Politics


‘Politics is about power and who has it! Who is not interested in that?’

‘Politics is about the here and now- that makes it different from many other subjects’

‘The study of Politics strengthens your political views’

‘It is a subject that sets you up for life’

‘The lead teacher has been teaching the subject for 22 years!’

‘I love the debates. I can really get ‘stuck in’

‘The subject is about change and that really helps you understand the world around you’

‘Everybody really enjoys this subject and pushes themselves- that inspires me ‘

‘Every day I have my beliefs challenged’

‘International politics is really interesting- it is the best thing I have ever studied’