A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

Name of course

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

Examining board

Edexcel (9DR0)

Link to specification More information about the course can be found from the exam board website here

Course Entry Requirements

To study Drama you must have achieved a Grade 6 or above in GCSE English Language

Please note: We are not offering Drama at A level 

Why study Drama and Theatre Studies?



This course is for those who:

  • Want to develop their presence in the world through vocal and physical expression.
  • Feel it’s time to synthesize their learning and make a connection between subjects.
  • Want to expand their cultural awareness by touring though the rich history of this performance tradition.
  • Want to open up new dimensions and emotional experiences by developing their ability to think, empathise and communicate creatively and effectively.


Component 1:  Devising

  • Internally assessed / externally moderated. 40% of the A-Level
  • Portfolio (60 marks) can be written (max 3000 words) or verbally recorded/filmed (max 14 minutes) or a combination of both.
  • Devised performance (20 marks) Stimuli must be one key extract from a play AND a practitioner

Component 2 : Text in Performance  

  • Scripted Performance. External examiner. 20% of the A-Level
  • Group performance of one key extract from a performance text (36 marks)
  • Monologue or duologue performance of one key extract from a different performance text (24 marks)

Component 3 : ‘Theatre Makers in Practice’

  • 2h30m written exam. 40% of the A-Level
  • Section A: one question, from choice of two, on live theatre performance. 500 words of notes permitted. (20 marks)
  • Section B: two extended responses on an unseen extract from a modern play studied (list of 6 options). Perspective of performer and designer. Closed book. (36 marks)
  • Section C: one extended response, from choice of two questions, re-imagining a classic text with influence of practitioner for a contemporary audience (choice of 8 practitioners). Clean copy of text allowed. (24 marks)


A Level Drama and Theatre

  • Component 1: Internally assessed / externally moderated. 40% of the A-Level
  • Component 2: Scripted Performance. External examiner.  20% of the A-Level
  • Component 3:  2h30m written exam. 40% of the A-Level

Where could this course lead to?


The skills of an actor/director/devisor/performer have their own professional arena; figures published in 2015 reveal that the UK's Creative Industries are now worth £76.9 billion per year to the UK economy; however the skills you will learn are also transferrable to most professions.  What good is a doctor who cannot hold the hand or look into the eyes of their patient?  What power does a Chief executive have if they fear addressing a boardroom?  What good is a lawyer, a policeman, a teacher if they have not learnt the power of their own voice?  Some people are natural communicators but most of us have to learn how to do it.

This qualification leads to greater personal confidence and creative communication skills consistently flagged up in recent years by higher educational institutions and employers to enable students to respond with confidence to the demands of undergraduate study and the world of work.