Our Purpose, Values & Vision


“To empower all members of the Sixth Form to be proactive and ambitious for themselves, their community and the 21st century world they inherit and lead”




Friendship Excellence Opportunity

Integrity & Respect 

Empathy & Harmony



“At Seven Kings Sixth Form we will all pursue an ambitious drive for developing passionate, independent, resilient 21st century learners who thrive in meeting and exceeding the high expectations and aspirations set by themselves and allstaff from their first to last day at Seven Kings Sixth Form and beyond. 


We aim to role model proactive learners who take ownership for their own progress and well-being and ensure there is a shared expectation of excellence that permeates through all pupils. Through our wide ranging exciting enrichment opportunities, we will provide and promote opportunities for all pupils to pursue inspiring future goals and develop their passion inside and outside the classroom.


All members of the Sixth Form will contribute back to the school or local community. Student voice will be used as a vehicle to support excellence, with Sixth Form Student Leaders relentless in pursuit of their ambitious goals for the school community. 


We will strive to maintain that an education from Seven Kings continues to be a currency both in the present and future for hardworking, aspirational young people in East London”.