What do our ex-students say about our Sixth Form?

We recently caught up with some of our ex-students. They talked about what they thought of their time at Seven Kings Sixth Form and how their experiences with us have prepared them for moving on to studying at University.  These are some of their comments when reminiscing about being a Seven Kings Sixth Form student: 

It's not only a matter of teachers teaching you, they're there to guide you. They understand your aims and ambitions and they want to be part of helping you achieve that

"There's definitely an ethos of hard work. You need to be dedicated and enjoy what you do. The teachers love what they do so that translates to the students."

Seven Kings helped me a lot in getting here (to University) especially with the University application process … The independent learning that I got from Seven Kings is actually proving very useful at University 

"We had mock interviews for Oxford and Cambridge from people who'd actually been to those Universities."

At Seven Kings you meet people from all over … and they all come together here in the spirit of learning. So that's why I would definitely recommend it